Wanderlei Silva T shirt UFC 132 vs Chris Leben


This is the Wanderlei Silva T shirt made by Jakt for the UFC 132 fight against Chris Leben. These two fighters have crazy brawling styles and it is sure to be fast paced and intense. The Wanderlei MMA shirt features the Brazilian colors of blue, green and gold, of course. But the coolest part about Read More…

Wanderlei Silva Wand Fight Team MMA Shorts by Century UFC 132


Here are Wanderlei Silva’s MMA shorts for his bout in UFC 132 where he faces off with fellow slugger Chris Leben. This fight is destined to be a complete war. The shorts feature the Wand Fight Team logo, the official symbol of Wanderleis MMA school that is located in Las Vegas. These MMA shorts are Read More…

Jaco Wanderlei Silva Fight Team T shirt

Wand Fight Team T shirt

This is the Official Wanderlei Silva Fight Team T Shirt from Jaco. It is made of 70% Bamboo fibers and 30% cotton. You may be wondering what is so special about bamboo? First, it provides an extremely soft feel (almost like cashmere). Second, Bamboo also has great moisture wicking properties to keep you cooler. Lastly, Read More…

UFC 116 T Shirts Lesnar vs Carwin


The most powerful heavyweight Champ in UFC history is back and guess who is waiting for him? That’s right Shane Carwin is ready, he is undefeated (12-0) and not only that, no one has been able to last the first round with him. This fight, Shane Carwin vs Brock Lesnar, will determine the undisputed heavyweight Read More…

Wanderlei Silva T Shirt UFC 116


Wanderlei Silva’s T Shirt for UFC 116 has been released well ahead of the event on July 3, 2010. Silva will be fighting in the co-main event against the formidable Yoshihiro “Sexyama” Akiyama. The Wanderlei Silva shirt is an upgrade from his original Signature Series shirt from Silver Star. This MMA shirt has a Brazilian Read More…

Wanderlei Silva Shorts UFC 110


Jaco MMA Gear has signed one of UFC’s biggest names, Wanderlei Silva, to its clothing team. Wanderlei will be fighting Michael Bisping in UFC 110 in Sydney, Autralia where he will be wearing the new Jaco Brazil Shorts. It will be the first time any fighter will wear these shorts in the Octagon. Wanderlei’s shorts Read More…

Wanderlei Silva Silver Star T shirt UFC 110


Wanderlei Silva’s shirt for UFC 110 will be from Silver Star Casting Co. It s another Signature Series T-shirt for a top fighter. The “Axe Muderer’s” shirt will display an elaborate design on the front with his nickname on the bottom. The back of the shirt will have the familiar Silver Star branding and a Read More…

Wanderlei Silva MMA Shorts By Hitman


Wanderlei Silva’s Shorts look bad ass, perfect fit to Wanderlei’s fighting style. He will be wearing these in his upcoming fight against Rich Franklin at UFC 99 Redemption. They come in various colors, the typical Black and White and the louder red and army green. Buy the Wanderlei Silva Hitman Shorts

Round 5 MMA Collectible Action Figures Series 2


New from Round 5 MMA is the second series of MMA Collectible figures. This series features popular UFC fighters Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk, Rich “Ace” Franklin, Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva and Anderson “The Spider” Silva. Each figure is about 6 inches tall and has movable parts, they have exhibit extreme detail and captures Read More…