Anderson Silva Vs Yushin Okami UFC 134 Rio Brazil MMA T shirts

Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami will get a second chance to finally settle the score. In their first fight Silva lost via disqualification when he illegally up-kicked Yushin in the face. Now, they get to fight for the UFC title. Silva can prove that he is truly the best middleweight fighter and Okami can get the credit he deserved from the first fight and of course to dethrone Silva to be the champ. Okami is also touted as being the strongest middleweight to fight Anderson and we will get a chance to see this epic battle unfold. This fight will take place in Rio, Brazil on August 27, 2011.

Also on this card is a rematch with Shogun vs Forrest Griffin. Shogun looks to avenge his lost to Griffin at his UFC debut many years ago, while Griffin aims to let everyone know that his win over Shogun was not a fluke.

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Anderson Silva T Shirt
Anderson Silva T shirt
Anderson Silva T shirts

Anderson Silva’s T shirt feature his old school Muay Thai Logo of the killer bee dessign. He wore this shirt UFC 126 when he defeated Vitor Belfort.

Yushin Okami Fight Shorts
Yushin Okami Sprawl Fight Shorts Okami wore these Sprawl Fusion Shorts when he defeated Mark Munoz in a previous UFC versus event.

Shogun Rua T Shirts
Shogun T Shirts
Shogun T shirts
Shogun has a very popular signature line of t shirts from Bad Boy MMA.