The MMA Equipment And Gear Checklist

MMA equipment is a requirement for beginners and experts alike. This form of fighting is growing in popularity, and it is a fun way to get in great shape. The following informational guide has been put together for beginners to understand some of the basic equipment that is needed to enjoy MMA fighting.

Rash Guards

Wrestling, grappling and jiu jitsu require a type of shirt that is designed to wick moisture away from the body. These shirts will also prevent rashes from occurring during a fight. A quality rash guard shirt ensures that trainers stay as dry and comfortable as possible during their sessions at the gym.

Cotton shirts are inadvisable for MMA training for a number of reasons. Cotton will quickly get wet, and it will create an environment that fosters the growth and spread of bacteria and germs. Cotton is also easily torn in the ring.

Long sleeve shirts ensure maximum protection and are the smart choice for training. There are also many types of infection that can be spread through skin contact. Long sleeve rash guards minimize this contact and help prevent herpes, staph infections and ring worn.

MMA Fight Shorts

Wrestling shorts are another piece of MMA equipment that is required. Shorts are specially made of a light fabric that will wick moisture from the skin. These shorts are usually made of something like polyester that dries fast and keeps grapplers comfortable. Cotton shorts do not provide the same type of moisture wicking that keeps wrestlers dry.

Some wrestlers use their surfing style shorts, but there are some accessories that may cause damage to an opponent while training. Snap closures are inadvisable because of the harm they can do to a person’s eyes. Scratches are also more likely to occur when wrestling with shorts that have buttons or snaps. The cut of wrestling shorts is also roomier than most other products on the market. Kicking is facilitated with the slits that are ordinarily found on the sides of the shorts. Stretch areas may also be found in wrestling shorts and increase the amount of mobility that a wrestler has in the ring.

MMA Gloves

Sparring gloves are another piece of equipment that is essential for training sessions. Wearing these gloves is the best way to minimize the shock that accompanies blows to a sparring partner’s head. Experts recommend that trainers wear 16 ounce gloves. These provide adequate amounts of cushioning and will help keep blows from interfering with a sparring session. Choosing gloves that close with a Velcro system makes them easy to remove during long sessions in the gym.

MMA Hand Wrap

Wrapping hands is another thing that will make fighters more effective in the ring. Protecting the tiny bones that make up the hand and wrist are best done with the use of hand wraps. These wraps also protect the wrist and add support to punches and blocks. Purchasing more than one pair of hand wraps is an economical way to ensure that there is always a clean pair available. Sometimes, hand wraps will become tangled in a washing machine or dryer. There are specially made bags that are designed to hold hand wraps during the laundering process.

Shin Guards

Protecting the shins is best done with the use of specially designed shin guards. Muay Thai and other full contact fighting styles necessitate the use of protection for the shins. The latest shin guards are designed with a neoprene sleeve that makes it easier for them to stay in place when moving from the standing game to the ground. These guards are effective, but there are some issues that fighters will encounter when using neoprene based shin protection.

-The guards are harder to remove than traditional fighting shin guards.
-Muay Thai shin guards have more padding and provide enhanced protection to the bones of the lower leg.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are another essential component for those who are stepping into the ring. It is essential that a mouth guard is worn during any type of physical training. Most fighters prefer to wear their mouth guard at all times so they can get used to breathing with the guard in place. Fighters have two choices for their mouth guards. One type is made to boil in hot water, and then biting it will create an imprint of the teeth. Custom made models are also available and provide enhanced protection, though they cost more money.

Groin Protection

Sometimes, kicks will land in the wrong place, and groin protection will keep from doing any damage. Choosing quality groin protection will help to eliminate wayward kicks and also makes it easier for many fighters to grapple. There are three major types of groin protection that are available.

-A jock strap ensures a cup stays in place and is designed to prevent the absorption of sweat.
-Compression shorts are another choice and routinely have a pocket that is designed to hold a cup.
-Muay Thai shorts have a steel cup that is held in place with strings.

Knee Pads

Knee pads are a piece of equipment that most coaches require their students to have. Extended practicing sessions will often result in skinned knees. Knee pads also protect training partner’s shins when blocks are made with a knee.

Glove Dogs

Glove dogs are designed to eliminate the smell from sweaty gloves. These dogs are put into the fighting gloves at the end of a sparring session. They are filled with aromatic cedar chips and help to absorb the sweat from a long session in the ring.

MMA Gloves

Specially designed MMA gloves are the best way for sparring partners to make sure their fights resemble the real thing. These gloves are lighter than traditional boxing gloves, and they may only weigh four ounces. When sparring partners are truly preparing for their fights, these gloves are the choice. They make it easy for sparring to move from the ground and back without any issues.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is one of the best cardio exercises there is. It also increases endurance and helps to promote overall balance. High quality jump ropes should be made of leather and will last for years.

Hybrid Gloves

Some sparring partners like to purchase gloves that are designed to mix the MMA style protection with a traditional boxing glove. These are a great choice because they make it easy to deliver punches with a layer of padding. The wrestling game is also facilitated, and sparring partners are sure to be able to use their hands for take downs and other forms of training.

MMA Head Protection

Wearing head gear is another good idea for training in the standing position. Head gear will protect the skull and brain from the repetitive blows that occur during the training process. Chin protectors are found on some types of head gear and help to keep the protection in placeChoosing specially made MMA head gear is another choice that is designed to prevent cauliflower ears. Traditional types of head gear lead to the buildup of fluid in the outer ear. This results in a deformity, called cauliflower ear, that makes the outer ear much bigger and unsightly. In order to eliminate cauliflower ear, MMA head protection is a good choice.

MMA equipment ensures that sparring can be done for the periods of time that are essential for preparation. Gear will keep training partners comfortable and eliminates minor injuries, scratches and infection that are found when people spend long times in the ring.