BJ Penn x Frost Fleece Hoodie by RVCA

RVCA has taken all its popular BJ Penn t-shirts and making a longsleeve fleece version of it, which is an excellent move.

One of their newest creations is the BJ Penn x Frost Fleece Hoodie with soft fleece lining. The design is the same as the T-shirt BJ’s cornermen wore at his UFC 107 fight.

This BJ Penn hoodie has a particularly unique design which was created by artist Phil Frost. He’s known for creating painting and sculptures that feature a layering of images to create symmetrical patterns and designs, just like the warrior mask that is on the front of BJ’s hoodie.

It’s definitely one of the more stylish and artistic designs in the MMA industry, and the hoodie can be worn for training but seems to be more suited for casual wear.

BJ Penn x Frost Fleece Hoodie by RVCA

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