GSP Teaches Mascots MMA

George St. Pierre UFC 124 T Shirt

We are going to mix it up today and present you with a funny video. In preparation for his fight with Josh Koscheck, GSP has spent some time teaching mascots some effective MMA moves such as the Armbar, Kimura and the Superman Punch. Enjoy the video!

Georges St Pierre Shirts UFC 124

Georges St Pierre T Shirt

The Georges St. Pierre T Shirt for UFC 124 is ready for GSP’s fight with rival TUF Coach Josh Koschek. Affliction has developed the GSP “Forever” T Shirt as well as a thermal longsleeve shirt version. Both items feature the signature warbird design with the words “Rush” on the front and the trademark Affliction branding Read More…

Josh Koscheck T Shirt UFC 124 vs GSP

Josh Koscheck T Shirt

Josh Koscheck, TUF 12 coach has a new T shirt for his UFC 124 title fight against (arch nemesis) opposing TUF coach George St. Pierre. The new Koscheck T shirt has a cleaner design. The images and lettering have a black and gold color scheme to really pop out at you. There is a black Read More…