Georges St Pierre Shirts UFC 124

Georges St Pierre T Shirt
Georges St Pierre Longsleeve

The Georges St. Pierre T Shirt for UFC 124 is ready for GSP’s fight with rival TUF Coach Josh Koschek.

Affliction has developed the GSP “Forever” T Shirt as well as a thermal longsleeve shirt version. Both items feature the signature warbird design with the words “Rush” on the front and the trademark Affliction branding on each side.

The shirt comes in black version with blue highlights. While the longsleeve is available as a reversible version, you can either wear it as light-gray or flip it over for a dark gray (almost black) look. The darker side actually features a different design and has a circular crest instead of the wardbird graphic.

This is perfect to match whatever you are wearing and is definitely the more stylish piece of clothing. GSP seems to think so look at him so happy to be wearing the longsleeve.

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