UFC 121 T Shirts Lesnar vs Velasquez

UFC 121UFC 121 is touted as one of the best fight cards of the year. There is no doubt that it will be. It has an amazing line-up of talented fighters and bouts, especially with the main event of Lesnar vs Velasquez.

This heavyweight fight is set to make history as Cain Velasquez can become the first ever Mexican UFC Heavyweight Champion. The fight in itself is ledgendary as Brock Lesnar has exponentially improved his fighting skills as well as his physique (Brock is the leanest he has ever been). Velasquez on the other hand has been known to have superior conditioning and is said to have the best endurance out of all the heavyweights, he is also undefeated.

The undercard feature awesome fights as well. It will be the debut UFC fight of Jake Shields who is the former Strikeforce Middleweight champ.

And, to add more excitement is Ttio Ortiz vs Matt Hamill. The interesting thing about this fight is that Tito was Hamills coach on the Ultimate Fighter and also have been training partners. It’s time to put their friendship aside when they plan on waging war against each other.

Brock Lesnar T Shirt UFC 121

Brock Lesnar T shirt With Sponsors
Brock Lesnar’s T shirt
is a replica of the shirt he walkout with complete with all sponsor logos.

Cain Velasquez T Shirt UFC 121

Cain Velasquez T Shirt UFC 121
Cain Velasquez T shirt
from Dethrone features a Mexican pride theme with flag colors and imagery.

Jake Shields T Shirt

Jake Shields T shirt Version 2
Jake Shields’ Signature T shirt from Tapout
has the classic warbird and shield design.

Tito Ortiz T shirt UFC 121

Tito Ortiz T shirt UFC 121
The Tito Ortiz T shirt
from Punishment Athletics has a Roman Gladiator theme to amp you up for battle.

Matt Hamill t Shirt

Matt Hamill T Shirt UFC 121
Matt “The Hammer” Hamill’s T shirt
from Iron Star a subsidiary of Silver Star Clothing

Diego Sanchez T shirt

Diego Sanchez T Shirt
Diego Sanchez T shirt
features a spiritual theme with the image of praying hands.

Patrick Cote T Shirt

Patrick Cote T shirt UFC 121
Patrick “The Predator” Cote’s shirt
features a sniper scope graphic and the Canadian Maple Leaf

Tom Lawlor T Shirt

LawlorMania T shirt
Tom Lawlor’s T Shirt styled after the famous Hulkamania wrestling shirt.