UFC 111 T Shirts

UFC 111 will feature two main event fights. There will be a Welterweight title match between George St. Pierre vs. Dan Hardy. The co-main event will have two top heavyweights battle for the interim title Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin. The winner of this will fight Brock Lesnar next.

George St. Pierre T shirts UFC 111

Georges St. Pierre Warshield

The GSP Warshield T shirt is pure Affliction and has wicked graphics. It uses sharp lines for form a very bold design; two warbirds are blended into a shield to make its namesake “the Warshield“.

Dan Hardy T shirt UFC 111

The Dan Hardy Signature T shirt
screams “Dan Hardy” its got his style and persona all wrapped up in one T shirt. There are symbolic words on the Hardy shirt such as “sacrifice, arrogant, and push-on-through”.

Frank Mir T Shirt UFC 111

The Frank Mir Signature T shirt
from Ecko Unlimited has a highly detailed design of a samurai warrior and incorporates different color schemes to make it on heck of a stylish piece of clothing.

Shane Carwin T Shirt UFC 111

Shane Carwin’s T Shirt
will be from Warrior International, his longtime sponsor. This Carwin shirt has the American flag on both sides and he words “Freedom Fighter” is on the back to pay tribute to the military troops fighting for our freedom each and every day.