Twins Muay Thai Training Gloves on Sale

The Twins Muay Thai Training Gloves are on sale from Cageside MMA. The Twins lace-Up gloves are one of the top gloves that come from Thailand. Although, designed specifically for Muay Thai, these gloves can also be used for training in boxing as well. The gloves feature a longer cuff for more protection while blocking and a nylon liner for more comfort. Now at $69 (from $79) the glove is a sweet deal.

Another popular Muay Thai glove is made by King, they are one of the top quality gloves from Thailand. They feature a hook and loop (velcro) strap that provides excellent support but also makes it easy and quick to put the gloves on or off.

Alternative Muay Thai Glove:

Venum Leather Boxing Gloves Muay Thai Style