Triumph*United Japanese Heatseeker Training Gloves

Triumph United has gone from a great MMA t-shirt company to making some quality gear. The have an entire new line of gloves, from different types of MMA gloves to different types of boxing and muay thai gloves. Their heatseeker seems to be the flagship, it’s is an extremely cool looking training glove. The heatseeker comes in red or black and in hook and loop closure or elastic.

The gloves are made from full grain leather and have memory foam. The Triumph United logo is on the gloves at the wrist and the back of the fist. All in all, you have a sweet looking glove that is very unique yet simple, and great quality.

We also recommend the new Hayabusa Sparring gloves. They have durable stitching, high-impact padding and they are very affordable.
Hayabusa Sparring Gloves