Triumph United “Union” Hoodie

Triumph United Union Hoodie
There is a chance you have heard of Triumph United or have seen its logo around where MMA is involved. It’s mainly because Triumph United is a marketing agency that focuses mainly on brand and athlete development through their MMA clothing. They also heavily promote their clothing with popular MMA fighters including: Bas Rutten, Kimbo Slice and “Mayhem” Miller. I have become a fan of this company mainly because they have a very bold style but clear design that blends perfectly together. A good example is the Triumph United “Unioin” Hoodie. It has a very stylish/trendy and balanced look that does NOT go over the top. Since we liked this hoodie a lot, we decided to go ahead and buy one. Keep a look out for an upcoming review where we’ll report on the quality, craftsmanship and the overall comfort of this hoodie.

Triumph United Hoodies