Top 10 Best MMA Shorts

Interested in getting involved In MMA or currently training? You will need a pair of durable, comfortable and stylish pair of MMA fight shorts. Here is a list of the top 10 best MMA shorts available today:

1. Sprawl Fusion Stretch Fight Shorts

Sprawl has been making fight shorts since the early days of MMA. They have perfected their shorts with the Sprawl Fusion Shorts. These feature “advanced technology” with a non-slip waistband, 4 way stretch fabric, flex panels and sweat/blood repellent fabric. Overall a professional grade MMA short, no frills just very comfortable and durable… all about getting down to business. Available in basic colors such as Black, Blue, White and Camo Stripe. Buy the Sprawl Fusion Fight Shorts

2. Hayabusa Kyoudo Fight Shorts

Hayabusa’s shorts are rated one of the best, (similar to their gear), they incorporate both the performance and style. These are designed with Mechanical PolyDirectional™ stretch fabric and features Hayabusa’s very own Guardlock™ inner grip waistband system. The fight shorts also have the exceptional High-IQ™ fabric treatment that has odor inhibiting properties.
Buy the Hayabusa Kyoudo Shorts

3. Warrior Annihilation Shorts

One of the most popular fight shorts, Warrior Short are worn by a lot of professional MMA fighters. They feature very durable material for the most intense training sessions. These feature an internal pocket for your mouthguard or for MP3 player, making it extremely convenient for training. Its also treated with Teflon fabric protector that will repel sweat, blood and water. Buy the Warrior Annihilation Shorts

4. Jaco Resurgence Fight Shorts

Jaco is new to the MMA scene and brings stylish and innovative designs. Their Resurgence short features a ultimate stretch fabric and construction for extended functionality such as: a tab on the back of the shorts to keep them from riding up. Also a mouthguard pocket that you access from the bottom of the shorts so you don’t have to untie your shorts to get your mouthguard. Buy the Jaco Shorts

5. Venum Spider MMA Shorts

Venum has been known to develop very intense designs, a prime example is the Venum Spider MMA shorts. These have a design that replicates the look of Spiderman, one of the superhero icons. It is extremely detailed and it has been said that when people see these for the first time they cant believe how great they look. The Venum shorts are also very durable but are definitely ideal for those who want an extremely unique look. Buy the Venum Spider Shorts

6. Bad boy Pro Series

Bad Boy MMA has been around since the beginning of the sport and have developed a reputation for very durable MMA gear. The Pro Series shorts are made of durable Ballistic Nylon and have stretch panels on the side and inseam for maximum durability. These shorts have are used by professionals such as Lyoto Machida, Shogun Rua and Diego Sanchez. The design is simple with plenty of blank space for your sponsorhip or team/gym patches. Buy the Bad Boy Pro Series Shorts

7. Tapout Ultimate Fighter Shorts

Tapout has a wide range of shorts, from fight shorts to board shorts. But perhaps the best shorts to come from tapout are the shorts from Season 9 of the Ultimate fighter US vs UK. The US shorts feature an innovative American flag design, its has a distressed look that gives it a uniqueness while exhibiting patriotism. Its perfect for those who want to show pride in their country and pay tribute to the American troops fighting for our freedom each and every day. Tapout TUF Shorts

8. Hitman Fight Gear All Star Fight Shorts

Hitman’s All Star Fight Shorts popular fight shorts and are the preferred shorts of Wanderlei Silva and Renato “Babalu” Sobral. These shorts feature a unique 2-way velcro enclosure that is located on the hip section, and works well with its internal drawstring enclosure. The Hitman shorts also feature a small pocket for mouthguard or a small MP3 player. Hitman Fight Gear All Star Shorts

9. Triumph Bomber MMA Shorts

The Triumph Bomber Shorts are perfect for those who want a simple and refined design in MMA shorts. There is the famous Triumph logo on the leg and has a stylized script of triumph United on the back. These basic shorts are very durable and great for training, but are durable enough to take into the cage. Buy the Triumph United Shorts

10. Metal Mulisha Battle Ready Fight Shorts

Metal Mulisha is a extreme sports and lifestyle brand that has made an impact on MMA. These shorts were FIGHT! Magazine Editor’s Choice 2009 Best Fight Shorts. And we agree. The MM Battle Ready fight shorts feature a 100% Poly fabric that can be stretched out to an extreme level, for increased comfort and mobility.
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