Tito Ortiz UFC 84 Walk-in Shirt

Tito Ortiz UFC 84 walk-in t-shirt

UFC 84 is perhaps the last time we see Tito Ortiz in the Octagon. The former light-heavyweight champion has had several great years in the UFC with some memorable fights. Like him or not, Tito Ortiz has been an important part to the success and growth of MMA. It’s too bad that Tito and the UFC president Dana White cannot work together, because Tito really does make a fight worth watching. And the feud between them would have been pure entertainment! Either way, I am sure that wherever Ortiz ends up he will continue to be successful and keep growing his fan base. Above is a picture of Tito’s walk-in shirt for UFC 84 fight against Lyoto Machida. This shirt looks to be more decorated and stylish resembling an affliction-like design.

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