Stroops MMA Resistance Bands

Stroops develops products that help athletes around the world increase their performance and also help with rehabbing a sports injury.

Now, Stroops has developed an entire line of MMA equipment system to help MMA fighters gain the ultimate advantage! The system utilizes Stroops “Slastix” power bands that provide the best solution in explosive resistance training.

Stroops “Python Striker“

Stroops Python Strking – click to view

These bands provide resistance while you spar and train striking. They attach to a hip belt to help increase foot and hand speed.

Stroops “Double Gun”

Stroops Double Gun – click to view

The double gun Slastix band help build power in your legs and arms and are attached to the wall or you can have your trainer hold them.

Stroops “Takedown”

Stroops Takedown – click to view

The band is attached to your waist so it provides resistance when you shoot in for a takedown. It helps you build explosive power and quickness in your take downs.

Stroops “Anaconda” Training Rope

Stroops Anaconda Rope – click to view

This elastic rope is 20 ft long and stretches to 60 ft. It is designed to help you build explosive strength in your upper and lower body. The harder you pull the more resistance you get. Its one of the “secret” training methods of many MMA pros.

Stroops “Explosive Kick”

Stroops Explosive Kick – click to view

As the name suggests, this elastic band system will help you train to develop a powerful and fast whip kick.