Sprawl GripFlex XT MMA Shorts

Sprawl GripFlex XT

Sprawl revolutionizes the MMA shorts market once again. The GripFlex XT is Sprawl’s newest short, even more feature packed than their previous entry the V-Flex XT (considered by many to be the “Rolls Royce” of MMA fightwear). The GripFlex sports the same split seams and flex panels that help your kicking range and guard-work, but includes rubber panels in the thigh area. These ‘grip-zones’ are perfect for keeping an opponent from escaping various submission holds to due slippery skin. Also updated is the fabric, changed from 2 way stretch to 4 way stretch. They seem to be approved for UFC wear, as TUF veteran Matt Wiman was seen wearing them at UFC Fight Night 12.

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