SIGG Reusable Water Bottles

Sigg Metal Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles have been around for a long time but the company SIGG has produced a water bottle that is changing the standards. The SIGG water bottles are made of very durable aluminum metal and come in different styles and sizes. Unlike plastic disposable water bottles, the SIGG water bottles can be reused. This greatly helps out our environment by cutting down on the waste generated after we throw away a plastic disposable bottle.

Although, there are also reusable plastic water bottles (like Nalgene), there have been studies that have shown that plastic bottles start to break down and discharge harmful chemicals into the water that they store. Sometimes you can actually taste a funky difference when you drink water from a plastic bottle. I know I have. SIGG claims to have a special lining that keeps the flavor of your water, energy drink or juice to stay the same.

We at decided to purchase a SIGG water bottle, since we have been using plastic bottles. Keep a look out for an upcoming review, we’ll see if these bottles make a difference. UPDATE: read our SIGG review here

Buy Sigg Water Bottles starting at $15.00