Shock Doctor Custom MouthGuards Review

Shock Doctor has updated their line of MMA mouthguards to include custom mouth guard for a better fit and modifiable design and colors to suit your tastes.

The Shockdoctor custom mouthguard comes with a plenty of protective features such as a high-impact absorbing framework and a special inner layer to keep it fitting properly.

However, the main drawback is that this costs a lot, at a tune of $150. It does an job of protecting your teeth very well. But in most instances a more affordable $30 mouthguard is sufficient.

Recommended MMA MouthGuard Alternatives:

Fight Dentist Fully Custom Mouth Guard

FightDentist Custom Mouthguard – $150

If you really want a customizable mouthguard we recommend the Fight Dentist mouthguard it costs about the same ($150) but you can fully customize the design, (not just colors) you can put any graphics and images you want on it.

Fight Dentist Mouth Guard with Pre-made graphics

Fight Dentist Fang Mouthguard – $30

If you are on a budget and want a “custom looking” mouthguard then we recommend the Fight Dentist mouthguards with popular designs built in. Such as the Fang Mouthguard or the Gold Grill Mouthguard. It’s priced affordably at $30.

ShockDoctor DNA Nano Mouth Guard

ShockDoctor DNA Nano Mouthguard – $19

Let’s say you don’t want a design but just want the standard mma mouthguard to protect your teeth? Then you should check out the Shock doctor DNA Nano Mouthguard. It’s one of the highest Rated mouthguards and you also get your choice of colors. Oh and it is only $19 bucks.