Safest MMA Training Glove – Combat Sports SafeTech

Combat Sports has just taken MMA training gloves to the next level with their SafeTech MMA Sparring Gloves. They have used the foundation of an already exceptional glove and redesigned it to meet the most demanding situations. These MMA gloves feature design elements that will protect you and your training partners from unnecessary injury, it has been said that these are the “safest MMA training gloves on the market”.

For starters it has an all leather construction, while synthetic material is ok, but real leather is the best, it provides a very natural flexibility, durability and resilience. The padding of the glove is made from “advance IMF Tech molded foam” that absorbs and distributes high-impact strikes; reducing stress to your knuckles and wrists. Combat Sports also incorporated a recessed anatomical molding process that uses scientific data of how our fists are act in training; this process ensures that the glove is a perfect fit to the natural shape of your hands in training. For even more security the MMA training gloves are the first MMA glove to have the new D.U.R.A. LOK closure system that makes wraps the glove securely and comfortably to your hand. Keep a look out for MMA Gear Guide’s in-depth review of this glove.

Combat Sports SafeTech MMA Sparring Glove