RVCA VA-S Fight Shorts

RVCA VA S Fight Shorts
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RVCA has developed a new fight short that’s named the VA-S, it has become one of the most popular MMA shorts. Its similar in design to the BJ Penn Fight Shorts and features clean lines without the BJ Penn black belt design.

The RVCA VA-S fight shorts have high quality RVCA logos on both legs and the trademark VA symbol on the front waistband closure. They are available in two colors: White with black waistband and trim or Black with with trim at the bottom.

It’s made of a blend of 96% cotton and 4% spandex this is for excellent durability but also have enough flexibility/stretch for unrestricted movement.

These are high performance shorts and was worn by BJ Penn at UFC 123 where he knocked out Matt Hughes within a few seconds of the first round.

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