Rickson Gracie Choke DVD and cameo in The Incredible Hulk

The newest Marvel Comics movie has just been released, The Incredible Hulk. You might have heard by now that legendary Rickson Gracie has a short part in the movie, teaching Ed Norton some sweet moves. Rickson does some crazy breathing techniques in the film, which were first seen and popularized by the documentary Choke.

Choke was released in 1999, and obviously much has happened to Mixed Martial Arts since then, but Choke is still a must have for any martial arts movie collections. The documentary follows Rickson’s life, from his training and fighting, to his family and living. Choke covers that along with the Vale Tudo Japan tournament of 1995, and also the lives of 2 other fighters; Todd Hayes and Koichira Kimura.

Rickson Gracie is a bjj pioneer whose stories border on mythical. Even the top up and coming young fighters today have nothing but praise for him. Rickson is also brother to popular Royce Gracie, and son of creator of brazilian jiujitsu Helio Gracie. When your friends see The Incredible Hulk this summer, many will be wondering “who is that guy who just slapped The Hulk and got away with it”, Choke will give you everything you need to know.

Rickson Gracie: Choke