Review of Chuck Liddell’s Book: Iceman – My Fighting Life

Chuck Liddell released his autobiography this year, and is a must for any fan of the Iceman’s, as well as anybody who loves MMA and is looking for a good read. The book starts out with his early childhood, covering everything from his family, school, dating, and of course, how he started in martial arts. The book also goes into how his martial arts interest grew, and how he joined wrestling at school and continued it into college. The book is full of great stories from his college days, and how he eventually got into pro fighting. Then, we start seeing the UFC side of Chuck, which we all know and love. However, I found these parts to be a bit weaker than the rest of the book. This is because he goes through each and every fight he has done. As fans, we most likely already have seen these fights, and if you haven’t, it is not really exciting to read about how he for example knocks out Couture the first time, it is much better to see it. But he also describes the negotiations of each fight, and the emotions he was feeling before, during, and after the fights. It is great to see inside of the Iceman’s mind while he is fighting some of the most memorable fights in history. I was a little disappointed in the lack content based on his non-fighting adult life, as you may know Chuck is known as a big party-er and this has been brought up time and time again, even with jokes at Chuck’s expense. The description of his party life is lackluster, although he does describe his infamous talk show appearance.

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The book has 8 pages of color photographs, as well as many black and white photographs peppered throughout the pages. The photographs contain everything from childhood snapshots, training, and post fight celebrations. There are also several insert boxes on some pages that include things like Chuck’s diet, training regimen, and random trivia facts. All in all, the book is great for any mixed martial arts fan, you will find invaluable tips that can help or training, or simply just be inspired by one of the most popular sports icon in the last several years.

Iceman: My Fighting Life