Reevo R9 MMA Sparring Gloves

The Reevo R9 Sparring Gloves are new to the MMA gear scene. These gloves have been designed to be high performance gloves. They feature a 3 layer foam structure to provide several types of densities and different levels of energy absorption.

The gloves are also made of very high quality premium leather for absolute durability while and comfort. The folks at Reevo also made the lining of the gloves polyester so that it is easier to get your wrapped hands in and out of the glove. There is also a dual cross wrist fastener that will secure the glove better than that of a single wrap around strap.

One of the best things about these MMA sparring gloves is the design. The gloves look very sporty and can fit well with you if you want a clean looking style. They come in either black or white, and the thumb is the opposite color giving it a cool contrast that you don’t see in any other glove.

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