Ranger Up Roman Warrior Primus Pilus Shirt

One of the new Ranger Up shirts features the Roman Legion, one of the most dominant fighting units in history. The Primus Pilus, or “first file”, was the one who led the best warriors of this unit. To have a Primus Pilus position was a remarkable Roman honor and only the strongest warriors in the Roman Legion were being considered for this position of power.

The Ranger Up Roman Primus Pilus shirt features a very graphic image of the Primus Pilus leading the charge in front of the warriors to engage the enemy in combat. The back of the shirt has the saying “Deos Fortioribus Adesse” – The Gods Favor the Stronger, along with the famous Ranger Up logo.

This MMA shirt is a great inspiration for those training to become one of the best warriors both in the MMA ring and in the military. Ranger Up Primus Pilus Shirt