Official Anderson Silva MMA T Shirt

Anderson SilvaAnderson Silva MMA T Shirt

The current UFC middle weight champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva is probably the best pound-for-pound MMA fighter today. With Anderson Silva’s previous victories over some of the best MMA fighters, he continues to remain undefeated in the UFC.

Silva recently defeated Dan Henderson in UFC 82 to remain the champ. After this fight, Silva challenged Roy Jones Jr. (a popular pro boxer) to a boxing match to prove that MMA fighters are technical as well. This stems from numerous claims from the boxing community saying that MMA fighters are not technical strikers. Well, after seeing Anderson Silva walk through some of the toughest fighters (Rich Franklin) I can be sure that Silva is a very technical and talented fighter. It’s great that Silva is bringing up this challenge, if this match ever happens it will very good for the MMA sport.

What’s more is that Silva has a cool t-shirt as well. His official MMA t-shirt features a bold design with the “Sinister” brand logo with the text Muay Thai College “Producing World Class Martial Artists” on the back. Overall, I think this is a cool t-shirt that represents one of the best fighters in MMA.

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