MMA Gear Bag – Shock Doctor Power Dry Ultra Gear Bag

One of the biggest issues with an MMA gear bag is for it to have enough ventilation to keep all your MMA gear dry after an intense training session. Dry gloves, shorts, and rashguards are less likely to harbor bacteria and odor.

Wet gear is just plain nasty and is a perfect breeding environment for germs – this causes illness potentially sidelining you from your training and worse affect your performance for any upcoming fights.

Shock Doctor, makers of athletic cups and mouthguards, has come up with an innovative solution that eliminates wet MMA gear or any other wet sports gear for that matter.

The Shock doctor Power Dry MMA Gear Bag features an air system that directs ionized, ozonated and heated air throughout the bag to dry your MMA gear. The air flows through a channel into drying chambers where the ionized and ozonated air help prevent bacteria from materializing – keeping your MMA gear from stinking and preventing you from fostering common skin disease bacteria like staph or ringworm.

Quite honestly, this MMA gear bag might be the best out there, it goes beyond its original purpose of a gear bag and really extends its functionality for safety. If you are serious about keeping healthy and odor free this might be just the right solution. Although its a high price ($120), its definitely worth it to be in good health.

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