Minotauro Noguiera Warrrior Wear Fight Shorts UFC 110

Antonio Minotauro Nogueira’s shorts for UFC 110 will be the Noguiera Warrrior Wear Fight Shorts. It will feature the popular Domination shorts but instead of the Warrior skull helmet symbols, it will have the Minotauro horn symbols. As well as, the team Minotauro logos.

The Domination shorts are one of the best MMA shorts in the industry. It’s been proven in the cage time and time again by some of the top fighters in MMA. They feature a side seam slit for mobility and un restrictive kicking. There is an elastic band and closure system that is known for being one of the best. All the stitching on these shorts are superb and the embroidery is superb and solid, no chance of them coming off.

The Noguiera Warrior shorts version wont be available until a few months after UFC 110. But in the meantime you can buy the original Warrior Wear Domination Shorts in White.
Buy the Warrior Wear Domination Fight Shorts White