Mexican MMA T Shirt, Shorts and Hat by Jaco

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo we bring you Mexican themed MMA clothing from Jaco. Here we have Mexican inspired T shirt, Hat and fight shorts, a perfect combo to honor your Mexican heritage, or if you are a fan of the many talented Mexican- American MMA fighters such as Cain Velasquez, Miguel Torres, Tito Ortiz and Roger Huerta….just to name a few.

The Jaco Mexican MMA T shirt features Mexico’s coat of arms on the back that is drawn up in bright and vivid colors. On the front of the shirt is the infamous Jaco Tenacity logo in plain black. Buy the Jaco Mexican T shirt

The Jaco Mexican Hat also features the Mexican coat of Arms, but it is located on the side fashioned into a triangle shape. These hats are available in either black or white. Buy the Jaco Mexican Hat

Lastly, we have Jaco’s Resurgence fight shorts that also have a Mexican inspired design. The coat of arms design is similar to the hat, where it is located on the side and is part of a triangle shaped section. The Resurgence fight short is one of the highest rated MMA shorts, and the Mexican theme just makes it even better. Buy the Jaco Mexican Resurgence Fight Shorts