Mayhem Miller Bully Beat Down T Shirt

MTV has created a new reality show called Bully Beatdown starring top Strikeforce fighter “Mayem” Miller. Above is the Bully Beatdown T shirt that Mayhem wears on the show.

The premise of each show focuses on helping kids who are being picked on and abused by their neighborhood or school bullies. The bully is challenged by their “victims” to face off against a Pro MMA fighter for $10,000. There are two rounds: the first round is only grappling with submissions and the second round is full contact striking with knockouts. if the bully can survive he keeps the money if he doesn’t then the victims get the money. Usually the MMA fighter is not revealed until the bully agrees to a fight, which makes for really comical bully facial reactions.

One show featured former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andre Arlovkski, who held nothing back, forcing the bully to tap out 5 times in a couple minutes and also eventually knocking the bully down for a TKO. After which the bully “apologizes” and says he learned a valuable lesson. (They always learn a valuable lesson)

Overall, the Bully Beatdown makes for some good entertainment; you get to see some average Joe attempt to fight a professional MMA fighter. It really demonstrates how high the skill level and conditioning of MMA pro athletes.

If you are a fan of the show you can pick up a the Bully Beatdown Mayhem Miller T-Shirt here.