Mastering the Rubber Guard by Eddie Bravo

eddie bravo rubber guard book

Eddie Bravo is an influential and notable person of the MMA community. Bravo is a no-gi jiu-jitsu advocate, a respected blackbelt, and even beat Royler Gracie to win the ADCC(Abu Dhabi Combat Club, a no-gi tournament of the most skilled in the world) 2003 Championship, as well as a scoring commentator for the UFC. This book details Eddie Bravo’s style, mainly his extensive use of the Rubber Guard. The Rubber Guard has been called revolutionary by many people, and it is starting to pop up more in jiu-jitsu and MMA. Eddie’s book covers different setups and submissions from the Rubber Guard, and stretching techniques to achieve Rubber Guard flexibility. This book is best for bottom/guard players and flexible people. However, the book is chock full of Eddie’s unique personality, as well as half-guard techniques, sweeps, and escapes that will work great for anybody.

Mastering The Rubber Guard By Eddie Bravo