Kimbo Slice walk-in shirt at Elite XC: Primetime


Kimbo Slice is the underground street fighter who became immensely popular from viral videos that spread throughout the internet. He eventually turned into a MMA fighter and has been training under the legendary fighter Bas Rutten.

On May 31st at the event Elite XC: Primetime, Kimbo Slice fought and won his 3rd MMA fight against James “the Collossus” Thompson. Many believe that Kimbo is not a true mixed martial artist and has not been really put to the test with a real MMA fighter. There has been great controversy about if he is the real thing or if he is just plain…hype.

Although Kimbo won his fight at the Elite XC, it seemed as though he needs to work on his ground game a lot more and it looked like he was not prepared to go three rounds.….I think only time will tell if Kimbo is as good as they promote him to be.

Regardless if you love him or hate him, here is Kimbo’s walk-in gear for Elite XC: Primtime. Also check out more of Kimbo’s gear at Buy New Triumph United T-shirts and Gear

Update: As you may know Kimbo Slice is now in the The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Show Season 10. Kimbo has also partnered up with Tapout for new Kimbo Slice gear:

Kimbo Slice Tapout Gear