Kenny Florian T Shirt UFC Fight Night 21

Kenny Florian will be fighting Takanori Gomi in UFC Fight Night 21 on March 31, 2010. He will be wearing his new signature series T shirt from Tapout.

The new Kenny Florian Tapout T shirt is completely different from his first signature series edition. This one is All American while his previous t shirt had a Japanese theme with a Samurai mask. Perhaps the reason for the design shirt is because he is fighting a Japanese fighter?

Whatever the reason may be, this new Kenny shirt pays tribute to the USA and its military. (Which is awesome!) There are the US flag colors incorporated throughout, along with a bald eagle. A military bayonet knife is also in the clutches of an eagle. If this design ain’t American then we don’t know what is!

It’s an ideal MMA t-shirt to show support for Kenny, the troops and of course, to show pride for the USA.

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