Jaco MMA Bag Backpack and Duffle Convertible

Jaco’s MMA Bag is one of the most versatile MMA gear bags developed. It is designed to be worn as a backpack but you can convert it into a full size duffle bag when you need more room.

This provides a ton of convienience, as sometimes you only need a backpack for certain MMA training days. For example a light workout or a quick BJJ class. Enough room for your Gi, shorts, cup, mouthguard, small pair of gloves.

Then if you need most of your gear you can just expand it to the duffle. For example: going to a BJJ tournament or a full day training of sparring and grappling. Enough room to also include head gear, boxing gloves, shin guards etc.

As with all quality gear bags, the Jaco MMA bag has a separate compartment for wet clothes after training. The bag is constructed with quality craftsmanship like all of Jaco products. The fabric is a durable ballistic poly blend that will withstand your daily use of the bag.

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