iGrapple Hoodie Sweatshirt

The iGrapple hoodie is based on the very popular i Grapple MMA T shirts. It uses a parallel design from the famous Apple iPod ad but integrates it into grappling.

The iGrapple hoodie has the main silhouette of the grappler on the back instead of the front, like the T shirt. There is a small iGrapple logo on the chest area. These hoodies are made with the high-quality American Apparel Fleece hoodies and are super comfortable (and warm). They are perfect for warming up and for casual wear.

Just like the T shirt, wearing these hoodies will broadcast the fact that you are grappler and therefore, will draw a lot of people who will challenge you to roll or spar, so be warned! All in all these are excellent hoodies and the design is one of the coolest in the grappling/MMA clothing.

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