How to Choose a Rashguard for MMA Training

What exactly is a rashguard?
A rashguard is a type of athletic shirt ususlly made of spandex and nylon or polyester, they can come in long or short sleeve, tight or relaxed fit, and most importantly, are made out of a fast drying material.

Do I need one for MMA training?
No. In fact, many people wear t-shirts for training. However, t-shirts can stretch, rip, and get soaked from sweat and end up being uncomfortable. A rashguard can help make your training experience more enjoyable. Also rashguards help prevent your skin from contacting the mat where sometimes bacteria can accumulate.

What should I look for in a rashguard for MMA training?
First of all, you must realize that there are rashguards that keep your body heat in. These are made for surfers, and people who play outdoors sports in cold weather. To make sure you get the right style (rashguard that keeps you cool) buy it from an MMA company or MMA brand.

Should I get short sleeves or long sleeves?
This is generally personal preference. Longer sleeves are more protection from skin infections like Staph and Ringworm. Shorter sleeves will keep you cooler.

What about fit? Should I get a loose fitting or a skin tight fitting rashguard?
This again is personal preference. The majority of rashguards are tight fitting. However, some people opt for loose fitting because they are more comfortable, and some people have less-than-flattering body types. (You know who you are!)

Is there anything else I should know when buying an MMA rashguard?
If you are buying one with a logo, try to find ones that are sublimated. This means that the logo is permanently pressed into the rashguard. Non-sublimated logo’s will peel off after numerous uses and washes.
Otherwise, most MMA rashguards are generally provide the same function. Get one with a design that you like and that is within your budget. People who train more than twice a week should get more than one. And make sure to properly care for your rashguard with the manufacturer’s instructions. We recommend washing a MMA rashguard after each use.

Our Recommended MMA Rash Guards:

Hayabusa MMA Rashguard

The Hayabusa Long Sleeve is one of the top rashguards, that is durable and has anti microbial fabric to prevent bacteria growth and skin infections.

The Sprawl Loose Fitting

The Sprawl Loose Fitting fits like a long sleeve t-shirt and is easier to get on or off than the normal tight fitting MMA rashguards.

The Everlast Compress X

One of the best basic MMA rashguards that is very affordable and comfortable.