How to Choose a Gi for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

Can I use a Judo/Tae Kwon Do/Karate Gi for BJJ?
Well, you could, but I highly advise against it. To the untrained eye, they look similar, but are all very different style of gi. For example, a judo gi has a looser cut; the sleeves and collar will be much easier for your opponent to grab and use against you. And a tae kwon do or karate gi are too thin to last in grappling, they will rip after a few rolling sessions. Most importantly, you are most likely going to be turned down from competing in tournaments; many organizations have strict rules on gi’s . . .even the smaller organizations. You might be able to use your old Gi for a few classes if it is OK with your instructor, but if you are serious about BJJ, buy a BJJ gi as soon as you can.

What color BJJ Gi should I get?
BJJ gi’s usually come in white, blue, or black. Some crazier colors are getting popular like red, green, camo, yellow, or pink. Many tournaments only allow blue or white, so that is a safe pick. Also, some schools consider it disrespectful to wear a colored gi that is not blue or white.
First of all, check with your school on what colors are acceptable. Then check the tournaments in your area that you are planning to participate in. If both of those categories let you choose your gi color freely, pick whatever you like. Be warned however, wearing a flashy gi could get you some reactions, anything from a few extra looks hear and there, to somebody actually calling you out on it.

What’s the difference between BJJ Gi weaves?
A single weave is the least durable, but the lightest and most flexible. A double weave is the most durable, but are heavier and harder to maneuver with. You have to decide which you would rather have: mobility or durability?. There are also weaves called hybrid/gold/platinum. They are the same thing. What a hybrid weave is a middle ground between single and double; it is not too heavy, yet fairly durable. It is a very popular choice.
There are also special weaves like summer weave or competition weave. A summer weave gi will be nice to have if you are in a really hot climate, or your gym does not have good air circulation etc. A competition gi is designed to be really hard for your opponent to grab, good for competing if you want every advantage available.

How do I care for my BJJ Gi?
First of all, please wash it after every session. This will really help out your training partners; nobody wants to train with the smelly guy! It also cuts down on the chances of spreading or contracting things like staph infection or ringworm.
Wash your gi in cold water, then hang dry. This will keep your gi from any shrinkage, plus it will last longer. If you are absolutely pressed for time, it is ok to throw it in the dryer, but be aware that this will break down the gi faster over time, and it could cause some shrinkage. If you don’t have time to dry your gi every day, consider buying a second gi to alternate with. This will cut down on how often you have to do your laundry.

If you buy a colored gi, you may have to mercerize it. This means that you have to wash it in vinegar the first time to set the color so it doesn’t run. You only have to do this if it specifically states so, many are already pre-mercerized.

If you have any stains on your gi, use Oxyclean or similar detergent, because bleach will break down the fabric faster.

What if my BJJ Gi is “shrink-to-fit”?
Some gi’s are like this, this lets you to choose the sizing even more precisely. Take your gi and wash it in hot water then put it in the dryer. Take it out of the dryer every few minutes and try it on. When you find a size that you like, do not put it back in the dryer. Let it hang dry, and never put it in the dryer again. This gives you a gi that is a bit more fitted to your body.

What size BJJ Gi should I get?
Please look at the size charts provided by the manufacturers. Each company has different sizing. An A3 in one company might be huge on you, and an A3 in another might be skin tight. Don’t be afraid to call in and tell them your exact measurements, most companies are happy to do so, and will help you get the gi that is sized for you.

What’s the best BJJ Gi?
Completely personal preference. Some people swear by gi’s that cost 65 dollars, other’s must have gi’s that are 250. Do not use price as a factor to gauge what the best is. Find the company that meets your needs in color, weave style, and sizing. If you are on a budget we recommend the Fuji Single Weave Gi. Its the best Gi out there for the price ($65). Its durable and features high quality construction. One of the best all around Gi’s ever made.

To Recap: Steps to choosing your BJJ Gi

1. Find if your school has any restrictions on Gi color. If there are no color restrictions at your school, choose what color YOU like. Traditionally, white Gis are used. It is also easier to wash the white Gis without worrying about fading.

2. Decide which weave you want, if its hot where you are, get a summer (single) weave, if you want extra durable, get a double. If you want a lighter gi that is more flexible, get a single weave. Hybrid/gold weaves are in-between.

3. Get the right size gi. You don’t want to have something too loose, it will give your opponents more ways to control you, and a gi too tight will restrict movement.

4. Take care of your gi, proper care will keep it lasting longer, and it will help you and your training partners practice in a better environment.

Our Recommended BJJ Gi:

Fuji Single weave Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi

The Fuji Single weave Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi
is the perfect all around Gi for training and competition. It’s not to heavy or light and is comfortable to use all year round. It is also very affordable and high quality.

BJJ Gi Brands


Atama Gi
Atama in Japanese means “The Lead or the Top”. It’s no doubt, that this is a perfect name for the brand, as Atama is the leader in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis. These Gi’s are even endorsed by the legendary Gracie family. The Atama Gi are extremely high quality, durable and comfortable.

Atama BJJ Gi’s Types:

Atama Gold Weave Gi

Atama Gold Weave Gi
The Atama Gold Weave Gi
is a mid-weight Gi. It is lighter than the double weave but stronger than the single weave. It’s made to be just the right weight. It features a tapered body and sleeves. The back has a seam in the middle.

Atama Mundial Gi

Atama Mundial Gi
The Atama Mundial Gi
features a “Carioca” blend which means it doesn’t have a seam in the back and is one piece jacket construction. The pants is made of lightweight rip-stop fabric. This is one of the best Gis.

FUJI Brand

Fuji BJJ Gi
Fuji Gis are the most trusted Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis. They have been used by thousands of BJJ players (practitioners). The simple fact is that the Fuji Gis fit well and last very long. There is great value in these Gi’s with an ideal blend of functionality and style.

FUJI BJJ Gi’s Types:

Fuji Single Weave White Gi

fuji single weave gi
The Fuji Single Weave Gi
is our recommended Gi (above) it is the best all around value for durability and fit. It’s perfect for training or competition. Ideal for beginners or get it as a second pair.

Fuji Kassen Gi

Fuji Kassen Pearl Weave Gi
The Fuji Kassen Gi
is premium mid-weight Gi. The pearl weave is lighter than the double but stronger than that of the single weave. The Kassen is designed with a “pure BJJ cut” with tapered arms and a shorter jacket.