George Sotiropoulos UFC 110 Clothing Shirt Shorts Hoodie and Hat

Australian fighter, George Sotiropoulos gave all Australian UFC fight fans what they came to see at UFC 110: a victory over Joe “Daddy” Stevenson in a three round dominating performance.

George was one of the favorites in the The Ultimate Fighter season 6 reality show and continues to be popular among fans with his impressive quickness and grappling ability.

Sotiropoulos has joined Jaco MMA gear and was equipped with a whole outfit in his UFC 110 fight. This included the advanced Jaco Resurgence Fight Shorts, Jaco Tenacity Hat, Jaco Hoodie and the Australian flag T-shirt.

George Sotiropoulos Fight Shorts

These are one of the best MMA shorts available, with advanced design and construction. Some features include a bottom accessible mouthguard pocket, raised waistband tab, and super lightweight ripstop fabric. They are available in a wide variety of solid colors and the new country themes (Brazil, Mexico, USA, UK, Canada and Philippines) Jaco Resurgence Fight shorts

George Sotiropoulos Jaco Tenacity Hat

One of the most popular MMA hats, the Jaco Tenacity is simple, refined and sporty. It’s perfect for a day at the gym or for casual wear. You can chose from different colors and countries as well. Jaco Tenacity MMA Hats

George Sotiropoulos Jaco Hoodie

This MMA hoodie combines both style and functionality. It has an exotic looking Jaco design on the back for a touch of fashion and uniqueness. But the Jaco hoodie also provides great insulation and will keep you warm while training in cooler environments. Jaco Hoodie

George Sotiropoulos Australian Flag T-shirt

This T-shirt screams Aussie pride and is part of the extensive line of Country Themed Jaco gear. There is Australian flag drawn into a shield and crest that has laurel leaves on the side for a very regal appearance. The shirt has a blue tint that is slightly lighter than that of the Australian flag. Jaco MMA clothing