Fedor vs Henderson Strikeforce Chicago T Shirts

There has been such a highly anticipated wait for the Fedor vs Henderson strike forces fight which will take place in Chicago on July 30, 2011. This fight has the makings of being one of the best fights since two legends are finally going to throwdown. Fedor has a lot to prove as he seemed to be untouchable for so many years until recently when he lost his last two fights against Werdum and Bigfoot Silva. While on the other hand Dan Henderson has been on a very impressive winning streak and knocking out his last two opponents with such killer ferocity. This is definitely a fight that will be very fun to watch and hopefully will provide some intensity and provide some exciting high light reels.

Interestingly enough, both fighters will be wearing Clinch Gear in their walkout for this superfight, check it out.

Fedor’s MMA T shirt

Henderson’s MMA T Shirt