Fedor Affliction Shirts The WarBird in Black Blue and Red

Fedor Emelianenko is has become the most sought out fighter these days, mainly because he might be the best MMA fighter in the world. His affliction shirts are in high demand as well. While Affliction doesn’t have fight events anymore, they still continue to produce quality and stylish MMA clothing; they have recently introduced the Fedor “Warbird” Affliction shirts. These feature a bird-like symbol that has silver foil accents as well small studs on the shirt to give it a very rare and classy appearance. Behind the warbird is a series of unique graphic script to presenting the shirt with an imperial feel. On the back of the shirt has the Affliction and Fedor Emelianenko name. These shirts are slim fitting and will be a little snug, but they have been conditioned to be super soft and extremely comfortable. They are available in Black, Red and Light Blue. Buy Fedor Warbird Affliction Shirts