Everlast MMA Headgear

Everlast has an extensive line of protective headgear for MMA. Some of their newest have unique designs that are specialized for different sparring situations. Each MMA headgear will provide you with the best protection from concussions and prevent unnecessary facial injuries and cuts during sparring/training.

Everlast Mesh Ventilated MMA Headgear

The Everlast Mesh ventilated headgear will keep you cooler than the traditional headgear. This headgear has an outer mesh cover and vents to help sweat evaporate and heat to disperse. It is an ideal headguard for hot gyms, warm climates, or cardio intensive sparring sessions. We recommend this if you need light headgear with just enough protection for moderate contact sparring. The mesh is not as durable as traditional leather, so this is only good for light to medium use. Everlast Mesh Headgear

Everlast Traditional Leather MMA Headgear

This premium leather Everlast headgear has the traditional design, that provides a full level of protection for full-contact sparring. You can rest assured that you will be safe with these. To give extra protection there are cheek protectors and wide padded ear holes. A fully adjustable closure on the top and the rear will secure these very nicely and the head guard will stay in place even if you get hit hard. (you should duck next time!) If you want a good all-around MMA headgear, these are perfect: it has the leather outer to withstand tons of punishment, has excellent protection and lasting durability.
Everlast Professional Leather Headgear

Everlast MMA Headgear with Face Cage

This type of headgear essentially takes the traditional headgear and puts a face mask on it, for the most amount of protection in a headgear. This will benefit you if, for example, you are recently recovering from a facial injury such as a broken nose, black eye, or fresh stitches. It will keep you from re-aggravating a facial injury and help you heal with out any set-backs. Another benefit, which is quite obvious, is to use this in an extreme full-contact full-power sparring session. You wont have to worry about getting messed up! One awesome feature is that the mask is detachable, giving you visibility when you need it, making this a very versatile head gear. Everlast MMA Headgear with Face Cage

Everlast Full Face Max Headgear

This is the ultimate headgear for MMA, its used by the top professionals who need the most protection while having good visibility, unlike ones with a face cage. There is a padded crossbar section that will absorb any high-impact direct face hits. The padding covers the forehead area as well. Overall, it has the most padding out of all the Everlast headgear. It will keep you in the best shape and injury-free for your upcoming fight. Although, this headgear will cost about twice as much as the traditional one, you will get what you pay for as this is one of the best headgear out there with absolute maximum protection.
Everlast Full Face Headgear