Door Gym Pull Up Bar

Creative Fitness Door GymCreative Fitness Door Gym

I am a fan of Ross Enamaits training system and his workout methods are ideal for MMA fighters. One of the important elements of Ross’ training system calls for the use of a pull up bar. Usually most people don’t have the space to get a free standing pull up bar and it might be more than what they would really need.

However, we found a simple yet effective solution to get the benefits of a pull up work out system with a product called the Door Gym by a company called Creative Fitness.
This product is a “cantilevered” doorway pull up bar that does not require any installation or bolting to your door. It is designed to just hang on the opposite top of the door. It has a curved shaped arms that will hook on the molding of the door frame, and your body weight will create a lever effect that will secure it to the doorway. When not in use it will hang freely and you can easily put it up or down in just a few seconds.

Creative Fitness Door Gym