Death Clutch Brock Lesnar Beanie Hats

Brock Lesnar was able to get his revenge at UFC 100 when he defeated Frank Mir to become the undisputed Heavyweight Champion. Lesnar did a great job, overpowering and dominating Mir on standing and on the ground. While he also got so fired up that Brock said things he shouldn’t have said, but soon apologized for his antics at the UFC 100 press conference. Love or hate the guy, Brock is definitely going to be a force to reckon with, who’s going to be able to beat him now Time will tell… Either way Deathclutch has come out with a line of Brock Lesnar signature Beanie hats. Starting from the top left going clockwise they have the Attrition Beanie, Woven Logo Beanie, Basic Logo Beanie and the Skull Scatter Beanie. All of these look great and are sure to be very useful when its cold as hell out. But, by far, our favorite one is the Skull Scatter gray beanie, it just looks sleek if there is such a thing for beanies.

Death Clutch Brock Lesnar Beanies