Contract Killer Controversy

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Contract Killer Clothing has pulled one of its shirts of the market after some pretty heated discussion.

This topic on covers some reactions to the shirt, including many peoples posts stating they are boycotting the company and retailers claiming they will not carry the shirt. MMA Warehouse.comcontacted Contract Killer and showed them the outburst from the MMA community, and Contract killer has decided to no longer sell the shirt.

There is no longer a picture of the shirt in question, but click this picture to enlarge to see Contract Killer’s apology and a faint outline of the shirt.

contract killer apology
(click image to enlarge)

Some background info and the picture that the shirt is depicting (Vietnam General shooting a Vietcong member) can be seen here: Nguyen Ngoc Loan

Although some are already set on their stance to boycott Contract Killer, we are willing to give them a second chance and see what products they have to offer in the future.

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