Cagewalk Pro-Lite Fight Shorts


Cagewalk provides value concerned martial artists with some quality gear for low prices. Most of us don’t need super expensive MMA gear and although rubber lined shorts are awesome, few of us are not at the level where they are needed or wanted. Cagewalk’s Pro-Lite fight shorts are very similar to Sprawl, they are in fact sister companies. The Pro-Lite fight shorts include split seams to help with techniques, moisture wicking fabric, a mouth guard pocket, and the same drawstring and Velcro enclosure as Sprawl. The only difference between Cagewalk and Sprawl is that Cagewalk lacks stretchy fabric, flex panels, and extra designs. Cagewalk Pro-Lite fight shorts are very durable, high quality shorts for half the price of many other competitors, and make a perfect first pair, backup, or even main pair of shorts for the aspiring mixed martial artist. The Pro-Lite comes in black, white, brown, and red. Cagewalk Pro-Lite Fight Shorts

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