Buddy Lee Speed Jump Rope for MMA Training

Buddy Lee Speed Jump Rope
Jump rope is a conditioning technique that is utilized in Boxing training, and has become an essential part of MMA training.

Basically, jumping rope increases your cardio/endurance. It also helps to enhance the footwork, agility, and coordination.

Yes, you can get a cheap vinyl speed rope for $5 bucks. However, the Buddy Lee Speed rope makes a whole world of difference in getting the most out of your training. The Buddy Lee Jump speed rope is the best there is. It features a ball bearing swivel for effortless spins and its adjustable to the person’s height which optimizes your jumps to be super quick.

We have used regular speed ropes and the high-end ones like the Buddy Lee’s, it is definitely worth the extra $20 bucks. You get a more rewarding and fun experience and it the rope will last for a long time.

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