Brute Shockwave Earguards

Brute Shockwave

Cauliflower ear is unavoidable for many people who practice MMA or grappling. Many chose to simply put up with it, but there are others who would rather not have cauliflower ear, either due to the aesthetics, or the inconvenience and pain it usually causes.

Earguards are the staple equipment for wrestlers, though many brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners are starting to use them in training. Cliff Keen is always recommended for earguards, but the problem is that those are more suitable for wrestling moves than groundwork. Cliff Keen earguards, although great quality, are bulky enough to get you trapped in a guillotine or triangle choke.

I’ve done some shopping around and found that Brute Shockwaves are the best for pure brazilian jiu-jitsu work. They are very easy to clean, provide good protection, and most importantly have a very low and smooth profile, which should be little or no hidrance in escaping headlocks or chokes. The Brute Shockwave also comes in 9 different colors, enabling you to pick your favorite, or even match it to your belt ranking.

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