Bruce Buffer T shirt

The “Voice of the Octagon”, Bruce Buffer, now has his very own Signature T Shirt from Silver Star. Buffer is known around the world for his famous catchphrase “It’s Time” when he announces the fighters for the UFC.

And he has developed a spectacular spin move called the “Buffer 180”, where he spins around in a ferocious (but graceful) movement to introduce a UFC fighter. In UFC 100, Buffer performed the first ever “Buffer 360” spin while announcing the Frank Mir v. Brock Lesnar fight… it was epic! However, Buffer has vowed to never do the Buffer 360 ever again. But don’t you worry, on his radio show he mentioned that he might do the Buffer 360 at a the spur of the moment, so there is hope that you can see this phenomenon once again.

The Bruce Buffer T-shirt is equally as epic as his spin move. Silver Star has designed the shirt with graphics of a microphone and the letters VOTO to signify the “Voice of the Octagon”.

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Check out Joe Rogan and Bruce Buffer demostrating the Buffer 360. There are no words to describe….