Brock Lesnar -DeathClutch Walk out Shirt UFC 87

Brock Lesnar’s recent victory over Heath Herring in UFC 87, has gained plenty of attention. Lesnar is a NCAA wrestling champion and a WWE superstar who recently began a career in MMA. Although, many people don’t believe that Lesnar is the “real deal”, he proved his strength and power by dominating a very formidable opponent with Heath Herring. Also, the UFC president, Dana White seems to be impressed, and we will probably be seeing more Brock Lesnar UFC fights very soon.

Regardless if you love or hate Lesnar, his DeathClutch walkout shirt from UFC 87 is pretty bad-ass. It looks like a cross between an “affliction style” shirt and a warriorwear shirt. Considering that Brock Lesnar is the owner of DeathClutch you will be seeing more of these shirts as well.

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