Brandon Vera Filipino Walkout Shirt UFC 102

A new company called Jaco Clothing will be sponsoring top light-heavyweight Brandon Vera in his UFC 102 fight against Krzysztof Soszynski. Jaco has some fresh t-shirt designs and their line of shirts feature ring spun cotton for an extremely soft feel. They also utilize water-based inks soak into and become part of the cloth itself, this makes the ink have excellent washability and keep their color after many washes.

As you may already know, Brandon Vera is Filipino and has expressed great pride of his Nationality. This is the first Filipino MMA T-shirt that we have seen and it looks pretty cool. Brandon Vera’s UFC 102 walkout shirt features the Coat of Arms of the Philippines and the Filipino flag. At the bottom are the words “Republika ng Pilipinas” meaning Republic of the Philippines. The colors of the flag match great with each other and really give a more refreshing look than most of the usual walkout t-shirt.

Show your support! Get Brandon Vera’s Jaco Filipino Walkout Shirt – $34.99