BrainPad MMA Mouthguard

Brainpad takes MMA mouthguards to a whole new level. Originally designed for high impact sports such as football, the Brainpad mouthgaurd is a perfect fit for MMA, since it is the highest-impact sport in the world.

The Brainpad is special because not only does it prevent mouth/tooth injury, it also protects the brain. It stops the lower jaw from sliding and creates a protective space to prevent trauma to the brain and concussions.

Brainpad claims that their mouthguard secures your lower jaw and prevents you from getting knocked out. Several professional MMA fighters swear by it, and even Top MMA fighter Cung Le has recommended it “9 years undefeated by wearing the Brainpad”.

Besides the magnitude of safety benefits, the brainpad is designed to promote “free breathing” getting you more air than most mouthgaurds. It is also designed to fit over braces (great for young and aspiring MMA fighters). Why let your braces get in the way of your sport?

Lastly, Brainpad stands by its product with a $12,000 dental warranty, a pledge that the Brainpad will give you the utmost protection.

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