Brain Pad Mouthguard Sanitation Chamber

The Brain Pad NatureZone Sanitizing Chamber will keep your mouthguard clean and germ free. It uses the same technology used in hospital sanitation, utilizing Ozone ions and Ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria and completely disinfect your mouthguard. It even kills the germs that are very resistant such as STREP, STAPH, MRSA, and e-coli. An added benefit is that the mouthgaurd sanitizer will eliminate odors and keep your mouthguard fresh for your next use.

There is push button activation to immerse the mouthguard with the Ozone and UV light to kill 99% of the bacteria in a blazing speed of only 3 minutes. So you can literally be ready to spar or fight ASAP.

The beauty of this mouthguard sanitation device is that you don’t need batteries or refill tablets – All you need is a battery, making it more portable and more convenient. The bulb in the chamber lasts about 8000 hours so its going to be useful for years.

While it might seem costly ($50) to buy this, its definitely worth it. You will prevent from getting a bacterial infection, which can ultimately cost more to treat and also can cost you a fight or MMA career.

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